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Real Estate


Upload, manage, host and share your videos to attract visitors to your website.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allow users to access updates to online content. These feeds allow a user to keep track of new content (blog entries, ...
Create, edit, delete and manage reviews.
It collects information from those who visit your page daily. What are the most viewed sections, referral server and the country they comes from.
Online directory module to create businesses or service providers profiles. Categorize them by industry and location for an easy search.


Create a frequently asked question section to help you assist and educate people about your business, products and services.
The comments module let your users and visitors write comments on your any content of your site that you enable them.
Know how to add your articles, categorize them for easy navigation and set the comment option.
The books module allows you to easly make documentation or study material, excellent for building a Knowledge Base or E-learning Course Material.