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Learn how to use JarisCMS and discover the usage of every system component as how they work.
Modules let your add additional functionalities on your website. In the modules area you can install, update or uninstall them.
Configure the settings for your website. Manage settings of your installed modules, site status, cache, cron jobs, new registrations, image compression and more.
Allows you rate content giving a maximum score of five stars.
This module archive all the content changes you made in each page or section you created.
Create, edit, delete and manage content.
Create, edit, delete and manage menus.
Create, edit, delete and manage blocks.
Change your website background. You can choose between have a fixed one or multi-background.
Open Graph module allows you to identify which elements of your page you want to show when someone share's your page.
You can create slideshows using images, text and assign transition effects.
Add and manage your real estate listings and know how to follow-up your prospects with a simple CRM.
Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo on your website content. Include them on your blog posts, make a video gallery, video demonstration or accompany any ...
Offer live support at your website with this chat module. Archive all your conversation for future reference. If offline, your visitor can sent an email ...
The surveys module allows you to create questionnaires, collect information and analyze responses from your users; making your research process easier.
Create, edit and delete groups. Create groups and select privilege access to a content type or task that the group could do.
Manage your account details. See all the content you created and approved content to publish in your site.
Spreedsheet Reader allows your visitors to view MS Excel document or spreedsheets on your website without needing a compatible program installed on your computer to ...
Create, edit, delete and assign users to an specific [group]( withing your website.
Share and assign documents privately and secure to a specific user in your website.